New Toy Soldiers - Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Retirements: May 2018
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It was time to check the molds one more time, and I found a bit more than usual damaged molds. Many of them have many yeras, but there are a few that are more recent.

This is the list of retirements, all Delhi Durbar, 1903:

Set 174 - Bikaner Camel Riders

Set 229 - Silver horns band from Cutch

Set 264 - Silver horns courtship from Indore

Set 265 - Escort guards from Patiala

Set 293 - Elephant of Jhind

Set 303 - Elephant of Bundi

Set 314 - Music Courtship from Alwar

Set 315 - Music Courtship from Indore

Set 316 - Music Courtship from Kashmir

Set 321 - Music Band from Patiala

Set 356 - Escort Guards from Bundi, group right 

Set 357 - Escort Guards from Bundi, group left 

Set 358 - Music Band from Bundi

Set 398 - Elephant with Drummer from Patiala

Set 412 - Escort Guards from Datia, Group left

Set 413 - Escort Guards from Datia, Group right


As usual, if you are interested in any of these sets just let me know, and I will tell you if the specific set can be made in any way, with some repairing, or if it cannot be made at all.


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