New Toy Soldiers - Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Ana and Daniel
Christ and Ana

Our company, Beau Geste - Donzino & Fernández (S.H.) began importing, distributing and retailing military subject books and toy and model soldiers since the early eighties.
Mr. Daniel Donzino, Mrs. Ana Donzino and Mr. Cristián Fernández are the only partners of Beau Geste.
Daniel and Ana Donzino are two of the leading model soldier makers in Argentina. They have been manufacturing their own brand of metal military miniatures called Donzino & Donzino since 1985.
These figures were distributed in Europe by Beau Geste Agents, and in the U.S. by The Red Lancer.
Unfortunately Daniel passed away in 2009.
Mr. Fernández has been a member of the Argentinean Club del Soldado de Plomo since 1973, of the French societies La Sabretache and Le Briquet since 1963, of the British Flat Figure Society since 1994 and le Souvenir Napoléonienne since 1997. He is a well-known collector and has been dealing with Militaria since the early sixties.