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Emblem Carriers on Camels from Cutch / Jul 7th, 2017 10:23 am     A+ | a-
Hi -I wanted to share with you my research from today. I found new pictures of the Emblem carriers from Cutch. It ALWAYS happens to me that I find new photos once I finish making the set. Luckily, they only prove that I was correct

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I missed this picture because it was labelled as Bikaner. They are definitely NOT Bikaner, they are the Cutch Emblems. Absolutely lovely picture, I was so happy to find it. Many things are deducted from this photo:
They were 10 camels carrying flags and emblems, plus the musicians at the back. That was not so clear on the other images. There are 4 camels carrying emblems and 6 camels carrying flags. I'm only releasing one set with a pair of camels carrying the flags. The standard set will carry the pair of camels that follow the emblems, with plain color flags. If you want to have the actual amount of camels with flags (six in total) just let me know; I can make two extra pairs, assembled with different heads, with the flags painted as in the picture below, stripped with some kind of lace.
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Here are the fish emblems. I'm glad that I got them right from the other photos. I must say that the turbans don't look very violet as Menpes painted them. But the descriptions mention them as violet too, so I'll follow their lead.
This is what has been written about them:

Civil & Military Gazette 13/01:
The camels carried two men each and were clothed in red trappings with swivel guns atop. The musicians blew penny trumpets, and big cudy horns and straight hugles like long stemmed funnels - all of silver.

Men on camels dressed in vermilion turbans carried salmon-and-gold banners surmounted by golden emblems. These banners and emblems played an important
part all through the procession, and added their quota of colour and brilliance. They had been presented by the Mogul Emperors, our friend in salmon informed us, and acted as a stimulus to remind the various States that they formed part of the Mogul Empire.

A Motley Army:
but you noticed camel-men in red with violet turbans;

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These turbans are stripped. Aren't they nice?

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Check the group of Highlanders lining the parade. This point of view is not very common, the photo taken from the arena. It's great to discover them from this view.

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I hadn't seen these before: a group of musicians on horses following the camels. Some sets to add to the group in the future

The other photo that I found was within the photos taken from an actual photo album. Obviously I missed this too.
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The two fish can be seen here too

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