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Elephant of Rajgarh / Jul 7th, 2017 10:19 am     A+ | a-
Yes, yes, the Elephant of Rajgarh is ready. Here are the pictures.

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Set 442 - State Elephant of Rajgarh, Delhi Durbar, 1903

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Set 443 - Escort Guards from Rajgarh, group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

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Set 444 - Escort Guards from Rajgarh, group left, Delhi Durbar, 1903

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Set 445 - Mace Bearers and Musicians from Rajgarh, Delhi Durbar, 1903

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Sets 442, 443, 444 and 445 - The Rajgarh Group, Delhi Durbar, 1903

All the sets are limited series of 30 of each, painted and signed by me. Have in mind that there will be a delivery delay because of that. Right now, having in mind the orders that I have already received, the delivery dates are around mid August. I will give you a certain shipping date when you place and confirm your order.

These new sets haven't been featured on our website yet. They will be there by tomorrow.

I wanted to post the pictures of the Rajgarh Elephant and staff separate from the Emblem Bearers from Cutch. I'll post them in a couple of days. They are looking so so beautiful, exceeding my expectations

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