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New Delhi Durbar elephant choice
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Dec 5th, 2020 8:42 am     A+ | a-
Hi guys! Deciding about the new elephant for March/April 2021. Here are the options. I will decide myself, but I'd love to hear your comments 

The State Elephant of Dewas Junior. Behind Dewas Senior and Alwar. Beside Tonk. In front of Samthar and Sirohi. The guys standing on the sides are always an appeal to me.

The State Elephant of Rampur. Behind Hill Tippera and Jind, beside Kapurthala and in front of Benares and Sirmur. One of my favorites: look at that elephant clothes pattern!!!

The State Elephant of Hill Tippera. Behind Cooch Behar and Nabha, beside Jind, in front of Rampur and Kapurthala. The other favorite: that pole hanging at the side of the howda is a ladder. Such a beautiful design! And the howda is exquisite.

The State Elephant of Cooch Behar. Behind Sikkim and Bahawalpur, beside Nabha and in front of Hill Tippera and Jind. I love the maharaja character in this one. He is always in a good mood 

I will be deciding this month. they are all close to each other, and I will end up making them all. It's just the order that I have to decide.

I hope you like the choices,

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