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New Delhi Durbar elephant
Elephant of Bahawalpur / Aug 24th, 2018 12:11 pm     A+ | a-
Hello everyone,

I've already began working on the new elephant, the Elephant of Bahawalpur. I'm planning to bring it to the Chicago show. I will be posting pictures of the process soon but, right now, between the painting for the Durbar collectors and the sculpting I hardly have time for anything else.

Here are the pictures of the elephant at the Main Procession

This is a beautiful elephant with a very intricate embroidery on the clothes, absolutely beautiful. But the main feature (in my opinion) is the maharaja. I'm focusing on him specially.

The Nawab of Bahawalpur wore a richly embroidered coat during the Main Procession, and a necklace of extremely large rubies. His was a muslim state of 15000 square miles in the north-west of india. His name was Muhammad Bahawal Khan V and became the Nawab of Bahawalpur in 1899.

I'll post a picture of the Nawab sculpture soon. It looks awesome :)


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