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The Camel Riders of Charkkhari, Delhi Durbar 1903
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Hello to all,

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas with your loved ones. My best wishes for a fabulous 2018.

The Charkkhari Camel Riders are ready. It took me longer than expected. I modified the sculpture several times, and I thought about  the colors for many days. I'm so glad with the results. I think that they look absolutely beautiful. I hope you agree :)

Set 454 - Camel Riders of Charkkhari, Officer and Sign Carrier, Delhi Durbar 1903

Set 455 - Camel Riders of Charkkhari, Delhi Durbar 1903

Set 456 - Camel Riders of Charkkhari, Musician Drummers, Delhi Durbar 1903

Sets 454, 455 and 456 - The Camel Rider group of Charkkhari, Delhi Durbar 1903

The program listed them as:
9th state - Charkhari

1) 7 Camel riders

Civil & Military Gazette 13/01:
with drums

A Motley Army:
Charkhari sent men in scarlet on camels

The sets haven't been featured in the website yet. They will be probably added by next week.


PS: I want to apologize with you all for something I've been doing since I decided to paint my miniatures myself. I hadn't done that for a long time, and I get short when I have to estimate the delivery delays and releasing times. Besides of being because I haven't painted for collectors for a while, the main reason is that I dedicate all the time the sets require to be as perfect as I want my miniatures to look. I don't rush to finish the pieces just because I have to ship. All of you that have the Rajgarh group already know that, and I'm sure that you find that they're worth the wait.
I know I will get faster, I do it every day. It's a promise. But I don't want to apologize for the time it gets me to have them all perfect and ready to be sent. I just want to say sorry if it takes me longer than the estimated times that I give you. I've learned that I'm bad at estimating times referring to my work. I feel absorbed by the painting (or the sculpting) and time seems to disappear when I work.  I know you all understand (even bearing with the collector's anxiety to receive a brand new piece), I just want to say a big Thank You for your patience.
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