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New Elephant's Choice / Jul 7th, 2017 10:27 am     A+ | a-
Hello Guys,

It's time for me to begin thinking in the new elephant. I have four choices and I'd like to now what you think.

First, my favorite of this batch.

Dewas Senior
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This elephant has a few features that make it wonderful to be made:

* The maharaja of Dewas Senior is a young boy. He sits by a British Officer at his left. That s SO lovely I made a boy before, but he was sitting by his father who was the actual maharaja (Kapurthala)

* The elephant's face is nicely painted, with many colors

*The necklace of the elephant is beautiful

* There are two men, one on each side of the elephant, standing on a step. They are dressed in white, with very distinctive hats. The one on the right side of the elephant carries the bright color umbrella.

* The colors of the elephant's clothes look very contrastant

Maler Kotla

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This elephant went alone, without a pair, like the elephant of Narsingharh

* It has a lot of colors all over: elephant's clothes, face paintings

* The Maharaja is elegantly dressed, as well as the 2 companions on the back seat, carrying ornaments.

* The escort guards are beautiful

* The elephant's head clothes and ornaments are splendid, and so is the driver (mahout)


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* The most appealing for me from this elephant s definitely the painting of the elephant's face. It's gorgeous.

* The howda has a fine original shape on the front panel

* The escort guards are so pretty


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Name:  bah2.jpg
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* The main attraction of this elephant is definitely the maharaja. Look at the richness of his clothes and jewels. He looks so proud in his howda.

* The elephant has 3 necklaces

* The elephant carries a ladder on the left side and it's off white. It wll look very good against the elephant's clothes colors.

Well, let me know what you think

Ana Donzino
Jul 10th, 2017 9:31 am
Rui - For now, Charkkhari is winning. But Dewas Senior will be made too, sooner or later. Lord Curzon's elephant is in my plans too.
Rui Oliveira
Jul 10th, 2017 7:57 am
For me the Dewas Senior would be a good choice, but any other will be welcomed.
By the way, Lord Curzón elephant should not be forgotten. I still have the one from Britains on display...
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