New Toy Soldiers - Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elephant of Rewa

I've had this elephant in mind since a long time ago. It's so richly embroidered and adorned. It's absolutely dazzling. It took me some time to decide, it's a very complex piece and I needed to think thoroughly about the design. I finally did. So here is the Golden Elephant, as they called him. I think it's one of my best :)

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The Rewa elephant in the Main Procession, at the end of Chadni Chawk. It was fifth on the left column. At his side was the Bikaner elephant, in front of him were Indore and Bundi, and behind him were Orchha and Kota.
Set 424 - The elephant of Rewa, at the Main Procession
Set 424 - The elephant of Rewa, at the Main Procession

... 'Rewa was especially gorgeous.There we saw vivid emerald-green banners and elephants with gold trappings. To describe in detail the costumes and trappings of the various animals would be wearisome, and would not convey a true impression. You can only imagine all the most brilliant colours you have ever seen, and then understand that these were twice as brilliant and in motion in a clear atmosphere under a burning sun — colours that you could not look at in any country save India, for they would blind you. Rewa seemed to be the last word in gorgeousness. One had seen elephants smothered in gold, and horses caparisoned in vivid colours; but here they had gone as far as they could go in gorgeous colour and richness of detail. For example, there would be an elephant with the driver and the bearers all in gold, and in different qualities of gold — all gold. My poor little palette compared with this sparkle in sunlight was almost pathetic.'...
Mortimer Menpes

Maharaja Sir Venkat Raman Ramanuj Prasad Singh
(b 1876 - d 1918)

Maharaja Venkat Raman Ramanuj Prasad Singh Ju Deo succeeded his father Maharaja Raghuraj Singh Ju Deo in 1880. A keen scholars who patronised the arts, literature and education, Venkat Raman Singh earned the distinction of being a model ruler.
Following in his father's footsteps, he also supported the British, particularly during the Great War. Although the ruler of a comparatively small state, his contributions to the war effort were enormous, including the famous "Solanki Squadron" of the Army Flying Corps. During his reign, the town boasted a high school, a "model jail" and two hospitals: -the Victoria hospital and the Zenana hospital.
He died in 1918, a victim of the world-wide influenza epidemic, leaving his throne to his fifteen year old son. Upon India's independence, Rewa merged with the Union of India and became part of Vindhya Pradesh, which was formed by the merger of the former princely states of Bagelkhand and Bundelkhand.

425 - Escort Guards from Rewa, group left, Delhi Durbar 1903
426 - Escort Guards from Rewa, group right, Delhi Durbar 1903
427 - Music Band from Rewa, Delhi Durbar 1903
The Rewa group (Sets 423, 424, 425, 426 and 427)
423 - Standardbearers from Rewa, Delhi Durbar 1903

Other Rewa sets

393 - Rewah Cavalry, Delhi Durbar, 1903
394 - Rewah Musicians, Horns and Flute, Retainers Review, Delhi Durbar, 1903
395 - Rewah Musicians, Serpentines & Cymbal, Retainers Review, Delhi Durbar, 1903
114 - The Maharaja of Rewa's Baby elephant, Delhi Durbar, 1903
275 - Elephant of the Rewa Executioner, Retainers Review, Delhi Durbar, 1903
126- Rewa retainers scorting (one of the dozen) silver state litter(s) - (RETIRED)