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Delhi Durbar 1903

Cutch Flagbearers, Delhi Durbar 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
Baby elephant from Rewa, Delhi Durbar 1903
US$  317
Cutch spear-bearers, Delhi Durbar 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
Music Band Courtship, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
Kishangarh horsemen, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
- 94
Horns and drums courtship, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
- 93
15th Ludhiana Sikhs music band, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (Double set) (RETIRED)
US$  348
- 92
Nawanagar music band, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (Double set) (RETIRED)
US$  348
- 91
Kashmir Giants, with Gertrude Bell, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172
- 88
Patiala Akali, Delhi Durbar, 1903 (RETIRED)
US$  172