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Name:  1 Kishangarh Orchha1.jpg
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This is a photocopy of one of the photocopies within the cabinets of the India Office, at the British Library. It's tittled Kishangarh, which they really are.

Name:  2 220alls.jpg
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Bell didn't identified correctly this group. That's why we named the set the Orchha infantry. They are really Kishangarh

Name:  3 223allDatia s.jpg
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These are part of the Datia contingent. The armoured elephant in front, the mounted musicians and elite cavalry at the back

Name:  4 208all s.jpg
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I couldn't identify this elephant yet. Nice horn.

Name:  5 The Sons of Maharajahs s.jpg
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Isn't this the loveliest photo? It's names sons of the maharajas

ive more photos, mostly BL cabinet photocopies

Name:  eleph.jpg
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Name:  eleph1.jpg
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Flag bearer from Jaipur

Name:  cach1.jpg
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We based our Kashmir infantry and band on this image

Name:  lad1.jpg
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The beautiful Ladhaki Devil Dancers

Name:  lad2.jpg
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The Ladhaki Musician Monks

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