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The Retainers Review: Posing I
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 6th, 2017 12:06 am     A+ | a-
As I ran out of states I decided to begin posting pictures of the Retainers posing for the photographers. There are more photos of this kind than of the actual Review.

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Ths photo should be of an Orchha group. The elephant clothes look alike the elephant band from Orchha. The program mentions 5 elephants with banners and emblems, which I think are the first 5 from the camera. The sixth is defintely the state elephant. Not sure about the last one, the one with double roof. I don't think it belongs to this group.

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I believe this is a miscelaneous group. The first elephant might be Limri's; the second, third and fourth ones were not in the Main Procession so it's difficult to identify them. The fifth is Faridkot.

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This is the same group as before, taken a few minutes after or before. Unfortunately the image is not a good one. The original photo surely shows all the elephants at the back. So many

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The Patiala elephant photographed by Gertrude Bell

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A servant carrying the head ornaments of the Patiala elephant. Also Bell's

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Unknown for me

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Kotah - Two palanquins here. Look at the lovely gentleman carrying a straight closed umbrella standing solemnly by the first palanquin

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Unknown for me

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A Gertrude Bell's photo. She identfied the palanquin as Alwar's, but it really is one of the silver Rewah's palanquins

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Unknown for me

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Unknown for me

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Unknown for me

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If anyone can identify any of the palanquins please, feel free to post your comments
Hi again,

Three Bell's photos. She has contributed so much to the Delhi Durbar 1903 research with her photos. I'm so happy that she was at Delhi, with her camera, at the right time.

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I don't agree much with her notes about the states where the rath and cannon belong. I should research more.

Two more photos, not sure who took them.

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