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The Retainers Review: Patiala
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 6th, 2017 12:00 am     A+ | a-
6 - Patiala
2 Elephants with State Standards and drums
1 Elephant with sacred book of Sikhs
5 Musicians
48 Footmen with maces, spears and guns
8 Cresset and torch-bearers
4 Palkis
6 Footmen with maces and emblems
8 Caparisoned horses
2 Horses with Chief’s carpet and mirror
8 Mounted mace-bearers
6 Musicians
1 Silver carriage
2 Horn blowers
25 Body guard
1 State carriage
5 Elephants

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The State Standards and Drums waiting outside the Amphitheatre for their turn to get in

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Beau Geste sets 397 (standards) and 398 (drums)

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Both elephants at the Retainers Review

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Beau Geste set 218A, the Patiala akalis on pony

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Akali from Patiala on foot

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Beau Geste set 88 (retired), the akalis from Patiala

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Silver Carriage

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This is the Patiala elephant at the Main Procession. It was surely among the 5 elephants mentioned in the Program. I LOVE this photo, and I wanted to show it to you for a few reasons. This is one of the last scans that I bought from the British Library.
First of all, the point of view is different from the usual one. The picture is taken half way between the Red Fort and the Jumma Masjid, on Khas road, and from ground level.
Beside Patiala, the elephant of the Raja of Sehr & Mokalla. Behind them both, Sikkim and Bahawalpur. At the distance, Nabha, followed by Jind and Kapurthala. All so neat.
Left of the photo, and far away, the Retainer Review's elephants are waiting for their turn on the side of Elgin Road, in front of the Red Fort.
Above all the detail, there is a group of soldiers, foreground, that I had never noticed before: a group of buglers from the same regiment of the lining troops. SO lovely. When I went to my old photos again, they are there, and I never noticed them.

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Again a similar spot than the photo above. In this one, you can see a bunch of guys with rifles behind the elephant, that couldn't be seen in any of the other Patiala photographs that I have. These should be in my making list. Also, someone in the crowd is holding a kind of banner across the street. Lastly, there's a Mounted British officer in front of both elephants. I must check within my notes to see who he is. I know I have that somewhere

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Beau Geste sets 87, the elephant of Patiala (retired), 265, the Patiala escort guards, and set 321, musicians and horn blowers. The Patiala group.

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The Patiala group waiting for their turn outside the Amphitheatre

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