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The Main Procession - Part 2
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 21st, 2017 12:47 am     A+ | a-
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The first turn of the Procession. The Red Fort at the distance.

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The Champs de Mars, crowded in the Main Procession morning

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The Procession from the back, at the first corner of the Jumma Masjid

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The last 4 elephants of the Main Procession: Janjira, Manipur,
Keng Tung and Möng Nai (the Shan states)

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One of the spectators point of view, in Khas Road
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The head of the Retinues Procession, in front of the Jumma Masjid. The Baby Elephant from Rewa is going in front.

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More Retainers by the Jumma Masjid

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The Retainers at the first turn. The elephant of the executioner of Rewa is the closest to the camera.

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After the route around the Jumma, the elephants went towards Delhi's main street, the famous Chadni Chawk.

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Chadni Chawk street

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The Main Procession passing in front of the Town Hall:
Orchha, Kotah, Datia and Karauli

The Darbar itself was held on January 1, 1903, in a large amphitheater on the plain beyond the Ridge at Delhi; the site of the Imperial Assemblage of 1877. The 1903 Durbar was one of the finest spectacles India had ever seen during the Colonial rule - the parade of the Native Retainers at the Coronation Durbar. Dunlop Smith turned what many Englishmen expected to be shambles into a magnificent spectacle. The Native Princes were delighted that he had shown their pageantry to such good effect.

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The Retainers Procession in front of the Town Hall

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The Main Procession in Chadni Chawk
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