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The Retainers Review: Alwar
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 5th, 2017 11:42 pm     A+ | a-
7 - Alwar
2 Elephants with Standard and emblem
31 Footmen with guns, spears and clubs
21 Armed cavalry
1 Elephant carriage
15 Caparisoned Horses
10 Armed horsemen
4 Elephants

Alwar state was one of the most photographed groups. The huge 4-elephants carriage drew a lot of attention to them.

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The Alwar Carriage entering the Amphitheatre

Name:  1a 62-63-64lg.jpg
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Beau Geste set 62-63-64, the Alwar Carriage (retired)

Name:  2 7a.jpg
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Cavalry, Carriage and Camelry, waiting to head to the Amphitheatre

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The elephant with standard and the camelry behind. I love this spot, from inside the 'arena'

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This was the only photo that we had at the time of making the carriage, back in 2000. It's a Gertrude Bell photo. And it was really small at those times. I got to buy a digital copy from the British Library after that, which showed good detail.

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The Carriage, the elephant with standard and the cavalry behind.
Last time I ordered copies from the British Library, they accepted to scan the whole page of the albums for me. There was a whole page with pictures of the carriage. Posing, resting, marching and during rehearsals. Very neat them all.

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The Camels marching inside the Amphitheatre

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Beau Geste set 340, The Alwar Camel Riders

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Beau Geste sets 341 and 342, The Alwar Camel Riders, musicians this time

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This is an example of one of the many pictures within the album pages. Check the note taken below this one, describing the colors of the Camel riders' uniforms and saddle cloth. This notes are like pure gold for me.

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The Alwar state elephant waiting to enter the Amphitheatre for a rehearsal

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Beau Geste sets 190 (the state elephant, retired), 290, the escort guards, and 314, the Alwar music band.

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Gertrude Bell's photo of the palanquin with a tiger/monkey. She writes in her notes that it belonged to Alwar, so we made it based on her information only. It turned to be Rewa's after a lot of research. We found out many years later.

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Beau Geste set 69-70-71, the Alwar palanquin (retired) which turned to be Rewa's

Next state, Tonk

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