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The Retainers Review: Kishangarh
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 5th, 2017 11:33 pm     A+ | a-
6 - Kishangarh

2 Camel Sowars
18 Musicians and mace-bearers
52 Armed horsemen with 4 Sardars
60 Irregular foot in quilted uniforms
2 Led horses
8 Sardars mounted

I'd love to have more pictures of this state. Here is what I have.

The 4 sardars among the 52 armed horsemen. It's so lovely that they were standing on their saddles

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Look at the beautiful mounted drummer in front of the cavalry. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Beau Geste set 105. I think we should have made it a double set, with 4 horses. By the times we released them, most collectors ordered only one set, so their display show only half of them

Now, the issue with the irregular footmen in quilted uniforms. The first reference we had from this guys was Gertrude Bell's photo:

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As you can see, Bell identifies them as belonging to the Orchha State. Only much later we learnt that they were Kishangarh's.

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Beau Geste set 73, the Orchha/Kishangarh infantry

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Next state...Alwar!

Have a great weekend,

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