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The Retainers Review: Bikaner
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 5th, 2017 9:29 pm     A+ | a-
4 - Bikaner

1 Elephant and State Standard
1 Horseman and State Banner
3 Horsemen with kettledrums and trumpet
2 Elephants and Standard
2 Palkis
1 Bullock “Rath”
10 Led horses
25 Mace-bearers and 35 Musicians
2 Elephants
21 Cavalry and 50 irregular cavalry
50 Camel Sowars in armour
30 Footmen

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The Bikaner state elephant, waiting outside the amphitheatre

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Set 361, the State Elephant of Bikaner

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Set 361, the State Elephant of Bikaner

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Beau Geste sets 361, 362, 363 and 364, the Bikaner Group

The 50 Bikaner Camel Riders were such a large group that almos all photographers took pictures of them, while they were in the Amphitheatre, but also outside it, waiting for their turn, resting or even inside the state camp.

..."It was reserved to Bikanir to introduce a novel effect in the matter of mailed men, a feature outside the ken of Western tales of chivalry. The desert state had mounted fifty sheathed warriors on camels, each with a chrome yellow and rice green saddle cloth. They passed in procession quite noiselessly, the only audible sound being the gentle pad-pad of the camels, and the slight rustling of the loose flexible armour. The camelry were followed by a throng of mounted retainers with silver-adorned saddlery ; every man carried at his back a polished shield of hippopotamus hide."...

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The name of this file identifies the camel riders as Bikaner, but they are not. They have diferent armour and helmets

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Beau Geste set 174, the Bikaner Camel Riders. For obvious reasons the set brings only 4, but if you are interested on the 50 camels we can make them with diferent arms and heads so they all look diferent. Different camels colors too. Some musicians can be added to the group too.

Next, Kota state.

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