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The Retainers Review: Rewah
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 4th, 2017 4:58 pm     A+ | a-
4 - Rewah

3 Elephants with State Banner and Drum
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This is one of the digital scans that I recently bought from the British Library

180 Irregular horsemen

200 Irregular infantry

8 Led horses

4 State litters escorted by 122 orderlies and mace-bearers
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Beau Geste set 126, Palanquin from Rewa (retired)

1 Carriage drawn by 2 elephants and 2 State carriages with teams

This one is pretty known. There are many photos of the carriage, I only chose a few
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In this photo you can see the 2 state carriages behind the big carriage drawn by elephants. Behind them, the state elephant and the rest of the elephants (next post)

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10 Elephants and 8 mounted Sardars

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The State elephant and the mounted sardars behind

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Beau Geste Rewa elephant, set 424, and 425, escort guards group left

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Beau Geste set 426, Rewa's escort guards group right

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Beau Geste set 427, Rewa's musicians

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Beau Geste set 393, Mounted Sardars from Rewa


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Rewa Standard-bearers posing, waiting for their turn to enter the Amphitheatre

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Beau Geste set 423, the Rewa standard-bearers

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Beau Geste sets 394 and 395, the Rewa Mounted Musicians

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One of the Sardars posing in front of the carriage

The seven Rewa elephants following the State one. They were 8 in total.

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This photo is also one of my last acquisitions. I love it because the Baby Elephant and the Rewa Executor can be seen behind. It feels great to be able to confirm the identity of a group
Check the detail below

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The executioner is riding in a different howda than during the Main Procession

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Beau Geste Rewa Baby Elephant, set 114

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Beau Geste Rewa Executioner Elephant, set 275

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Both elephants within the second group of elephants in the Main Procession

Wow, that was a lot of stuff for one state. Next, Orchha state

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