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The Retainers Review: Gwalior
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jul 4th, 2017 4:53 pm     A+ | a-
III - Central India States
1 - Gwalior

48 Horsemen of body guard and escort

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Beau Geste set 249, Gwalior horsemen in uniforms from Shiraji's times, with parasols

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Beau Geste set 328, Gwalior Horsemen

2 Led horses

37 Heralds, orderlies and spearmen

15 Elephants with attendants
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Check that, in this picture and the next one, you can see the horsemen with umbrellas at the back. This means that the order on the program was not the right one in some cases.

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Beau Geste set 274, the Gwalior State Elephant, and one of the guards groups, BG set 318

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Beau Geste set 317, Gwalior guards

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Beau Geste set 319, Gwalior music band

I don't have pictures of the led horses nor the heralds. If anyone has something it'll be appreciated

Gwalior was one of teh states with more elephants. This meant that it was one of the wealthiest and more important states.

Next, Indore. Stay tuned.

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