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Main Procession - Leaving the City
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 28th, 2017 9:05 pm     A+ | a-
Some comments from Wheeler about the procession leaving of the city

...'Passing down Esplanade Row, the viceregal procession turned into the Chadni Chawk, at a point nearly opposite the Delhi bank, once the residence of the celebrated Begum Somru; a place which has its memories, also, of the Mutiny, for on the roof of an outhouse, the manager of the Bank, Mr. Beresford, on May 11th, 1857, desperately defended himself and his family till he was overpowered. The march of the procession through the Chadni Chawk, the Silver Street of Delhi, which was thronged with Indian spectators, who also filled every window on either side, and crowded the flat roofs, was watched with intense and eager interest. The street was gaily decorated with flags and streamers; and with coloured cloths, patterned carpets and even costly shawls, hung from carved balconies, of which some were veiled with muslin curtains, that the ladies of a rich man’s household might view the procession unobserved. Outside many of the shops were hung pictures of the Royal family; others dosplayed mottoes appropiate to the occasion. The Viceroy and the Duke of Connaught were received in this portion of the procession with cheering such as is rarely heard from an Asiatic crowd; and a buzz of sound, breaking at times into a roar, swept from one end of the crowded avenue to the other.'...

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Whole path of the Main Procession

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...'The procession headed to Mori gate to leave the city. A short distance outside the walls of the city, near the intersection of the Rajpur and Kudsia roads, the Viceroy and the Duke halted their elephants, while the ruling chiefs, with whom they exchanged salutations, filed past them and proceeded to their respective camps.'...
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Main Procession at the saluting point

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Retainers elephants, after Main Procession at the saluting point

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Retainers leaving through Mori Gate

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Retainers leaving through Mori Gate

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