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Main Procession - After the Indian Princes II
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 28th, 2017 8:58 pm     A+ | a-
Here is a detail I wanted to show you. There are very very few pictures (if any) of the Retinue elephants, waiting all along Elgin Road (the road that ran along the Red Fort, the one that the elephants took in order to get to Khas road, which led them to the Jumma Masjid). They waited on both sides of the street saluting (same pattern as Queen's rd) until the Main Procession passed in front of them. After the second group of cavalry and carriages ended, they moved out of their places to continue with the Procession. This picture shows some cavalry going around the South side of the Juma, and the row of Retinue elephants can be seen at the back.

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Red Fort at the distance, and the elephants waiting for their turn to go

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A closer look with the Red Fort as a reference

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A much closer look. Lovely view of the Retinue elephants

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A view of the Main Procession coming, taken from the highest point of the Jumma Masjid

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Here's a plate, from 'The Sphere', that helps us get an idea of how the Retinue elephants waited for their turn to go

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The traffic was crazy. Here, the carriages, bringing the spectators, arrive at the Jumma Masjid. Most accounts talk about taking hours to arrive, and even more to leave the place. Having in mind that the Procession in total took a bit less than 2 hours, taking 2 hours to arrive and 2 more hours to get back home must have made it a long day under the sun.

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The 'parking lot'

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The return home

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