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Main Procession - After the Indian Princes I
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 28th, 2017 8:56 pm     A+ | a-
After the Indian Chiefs

Following the 48 elephants of the Main Procession, carriages with authorities and more cavalry came.
Carriages with Grand Duke of Hesse, The Governors of Bombay, Madras and The Punjab, all of them with their bodyguards.
On horse, Lord Kitchener on horse escorted by mounted volunteers.
Carriages again: Governors of Burna, Bengal and the United Provinces Burma Bengal united provinces of Agra y Oudh. The honbles.
Horseback: Authorities, The Baluch Chiefs, Chiefs of the NW Frontier
More authorities on carriages
The 11st Bengal Lancers

The last elephants of the Main Procession and the first horses that followed

More cavalry turning from Khas rd. You can see the Main Procession at the back, leaving, having already turned around the Jumma Masjid, and turning onto Esplanade rd towards Chadni Chawk

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Grand Duke of Hesse with his staff and Escort of the 15th Hussars

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More carriages and horsemen. Al the back (top left) the second group of elephants, the Retinues, is getting ready to follow

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The Baluch chiefs and the chiefs of the NW frontier

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This picture shows clearly the public in front of the Town Hall. Most women and children were there, and all the Indian Chiefs that weren't riding their elephants

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