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Main Procession - State Elephants Identification: Spectators
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 21st, 2017 8:04 pm     A+ | a-
A short post about the spectators and bystanders. They were everywhere. People arrived very early that morning. The traffic was crazy to arrive there, and even crazier to leave the city. There were specific viewers spots all along Khas Road, and the box where the dignataries and maharajas sat, in fron of the Main Hall.

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The spectators, at the main stairs of the Jumma Masjid, the East side, pictured from South side. Top left, the European and American photographers and some occidental spectators. The more common photos of the Main Procession were taken from there, and even one of the best films was shot from that point. Toward the side you can see a few group of Baluch chiefs looking south. Closer to the elephants, the local spectators, standing on the stairs or sitting on chairs, really close to the elephants.

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Chadni Chawk street, ready to receive the elephants

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The VIP boxes for occidental guests and Indian princes and dignataries, at Chadni Chawk. With the Main Hall on their back, and in front of the clock tower.

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The curve from Queen's Rd to Elgin Rd (that runs all along the Red Fort). On the right side, the tall walls of the train station, many people watching from there. On the left, Queen's garden, with a few bystanders looking. Most of the spectators focused around the Jumma Masjid.

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The dignataries seats, in front of the Main Hall

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Local spectators crowded around the Jumma Masjid

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The Baluch Chiefs turning around at the end of Chadni Chawk. People in balconies, roofs, windows.
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Same spot, the Main Procession. Check the signs attached at the balconies on the left. They probably had an Edward VII image.

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The busy return home

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Occidental spectators at the East side (the front) of the Jumma Masjid

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Local viewers on the next tower

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The main boxes along Khas Road

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Shot taken from Khas road, in the same direction that the elephants took. On the left, some sitting spectators.

Beau Geste Occidental Spectators

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Set 382

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Set 383

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Set 384

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Set 385

Beau Geste Local Spectators

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Set 386

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Set 387

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Set 388

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Some of them, all together

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