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Main Procession - State Elephants Identification - Photo detail 1
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 21st, 2017 2:14 am     A+ | a-
A small break within the elephants' identification. I wanted to show the detail that some of the photographs have. It's amazing that they could be so neat and clear in those times. The negatives were much larger than today, and the impression was on glass. Both things gave the photographs from that period a huge amount of detail.
Something to have in mind: I order my copies in medium quality, because I know that that's enough to see the details that I need, in order to make my elephants. Imagine the high quality ones!

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One of the most known photographs of the Durbar. As I mentioned, the first part of the Main Procession was the most photographed part of the parade. We used this photo (among others) to make our Kashmir and Travancore elephants.

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This is the detail of the Kashmir elephant face

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Another of my digital copies bought at the British Library. The Main Procession is going in front of the Main Hall.

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The mahout of the elephant of Datia, part of the clothes of the maharaja, the elephant's earrings. The information that I get from this photographs is invaluable.

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Beautiful detail of 3 local dignataries watching the procession.

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A shot of the elephants around the south side of the Jumma Masjid. When I saw that the Kapurthala elephant had a young boy sitting beside the maharaja I decided that I couldn't resist not to make it.

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The regiment that stood at both sides of the elephants path along the South side of the Jumma, the 6th Jat Light Infantry. This was one of our main sources when we made them.

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Beau Geste 6th Jat Light Infantry (set 188)

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Another digital copy. The Makala group, Sehr & Mukalla infantry and musicians at the Retainers Review (sets BG211 and BG212)

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This photographer at the Retainers had the focus of his lens slightly behind the parade itself. The troops standing at the back are neater than anything else.

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Digital copy of the Kota group. VERY neat. I love this photograph.

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The trio mounted on one of the Retainers elephants, carrying the flag.

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Beau Geste Kota elephant flagbearer (set 346)

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