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Main Procession - State Elephants Identification: Jaisalmer - Dhar (and photographers)
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 21st, 2017 1:28 am     A+ | a-
Eight Pair of Elephants: Jaisalmer - Dhar

None of this elephants has been made yet. Howdas with roofs are quite complicated to look good and arrive safely to the collector. I will definitely make them, but not so soon.

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Main Procession. Jaisalmer and Dhar, south side of the Jumma

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Enlargement of the previous photo. Two details I wanted to share. Curiously, one of the only pictures where the maharaja of Alwar sat down, during the parade. He was probably tired by this point. Second, check the photographer on the right. He has a privileged spot.

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Same photographer taken from gound level. Red Fort at the distance.

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Picture taken from this photographer's point, looking northeast. The Retainers elephants, that came after the Main Procession. They were around 250 elephants.

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Picture taken rom the same spot, looking northwest. The last part of the Main Procession turning to the third side of the Jumma.
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Beau Geste Photographers sets (389 and 390)

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Jaisalmer and Dhar passing in front of the Main Hall, along Chadni Chawk st

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The Dhar elephant at the Retainers Review

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