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Main Procession - State Elephants Identification: Travancore - Kashmir
What was the Delhi Durbar 1903 / Jun 21st, 2017 12:58 am     A+ | a-
It's time for the second pair of elephants.

Travancore and Kashmir
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Beau Geste - Travancore elephant (Set 200) retired

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The Travancore Group (sets 200, 325 and 326)

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Beau Geste - The Kashmir Elephant (set 201) Retired

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The Kashmir Group (set 201, 291 and 292)
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The whole Kashmir Group (set 201, 291, 292 and musicians 316)

The Musicians were not part of the Main Procession, but were there in the Retainers Review, when all the states paraded with all their whole state group.

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The Kashmir and Travancore elephants turning around the corner at the end of Chadni Chawk street (close to leaving the city)

This point had many photographers, since there are lots of shots from there. They are taken from a higher point, like a roof or a balcony. All I could find was a name of the building, the Footehpoorie Musjid, but no photographs. Eventually I will take pics during a future visit to Delhi
The elephants had already passed in front of the Main Hall, and were turning right towards Ahmad Pai.

A detail: check the lining troops on the right. They are a pipers band! They are among the future lining troops sets I want to add. On the other side of the street there was the whole band.

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