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Elephant and Camel Riders from Charkkhari and Nabha Hawks and Dogs
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Finally most of you voted for the Charkkhari elephant. So I'm going for this state for the next Durbar elephant. I also found a photo of the Charkkhari Camel Riders that will go very well with the group.

The Elephant of Charkkhari

A detail of the howda's front and Maharaja. Check the exquiste embroidery on his shoulder. And the curvy front of the howda.

The elephant's face. One of the main reasons to choose the elephant. I found a wonderful (and fully helpful) drawing made by Raven Hill, who descrbes the pattern and colors. Exquisite work. It's slightly different that the design on the face at the Main Procession; that is mainly because he probably draw it during a visit to their camp and not during the parade.
The leopard looks black on the photo because yellow photographed dark (as well as the red color). But it was actually painted like a real leopard . If you look carefully at the photo you will notice the spots, a bit darker than the body of the animal.

The escort guards, so beautiful. I particularly like in this photo how clearly you can see their shoes in detail.

Another elephant shot. Also, more detail of the guards.

The Charkkhari Camel Riders

This is what the press said about them:
9 - Charkhari

1) 7 Camel riders

Civil & Military Gazette 13/01:
with drum

A Motley Army:
Charkhari sent men in scarlet on camels

And the last release for September: The Nabha Dogs and Hawks

9) Hawks and dogs

Civil & Military Gazette 13/01:
2 Hawks. 6 Greyhounds with yellow plush clothes.

Madras Times 08/01:
The caparisoned horses, hounds and hawks of the venerable chief of Nabha were a striking feature

Pioneer Mail 16/01 / The Coronation Durbar:
From this State also, it may be incidentally remarked, came falconers with hawks, a number of greyhounds following.

...and falconers with hawks and greyhounds.

All sets make a nice plan, right?

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