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A collector posted ths video on this same thread, on Treefrog Treasures Forum

As we've been talking about films, I decided to post a few stills of the ones I have. As I've mentioned before, these films are not mine and have been very kindly shared by a collector who bought copies (for quite a sum) from the British Library. He hasn't got the rights, so they cannot be published online.

The film which link JB has kindly shared a few posts back was the first one that I saw. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so magical to see the elephants moving that I couldn't help it and watched them over and over again. With the years and the familiarzation with the Delhi Durbar 1903 material, I've noticed that that film has been edited in the wrong order, and inverted; meaning, for example, that the left column of elephants looks like the right one. But I believe that it's the film that covers more than any other of the films; it shows almost all the Main Procession, from the cavalry coming in front, Curzon's and Connaught's elephants, the Indian State ones, the Retinue columns (you can see the Baby Elephant and the Executioner, both from Rewa, there), the Baluch Chiefs and so on.

The Baby elephant from Rewa

One of the features that the films show, and the photos don't, is the actual movement of the elephants. They really shook the howdas and the riders. The maharaja of Alwar, who stood at his howda almost all the parade, had to hold himself firmly not to fall. The parasols moved like crazy; the servants had a hard time, standing and holding them to over the princes heads. The jingle bells on the elephants must have sound enthusiastically. Imagine being there!

Film #1

This one has been shot from the press main spot, front door of the Jumma Masjid, up the stairs.

Right - Hyderabad elephant (covering Mysore, at its side), Travancore and Kashmir following.
Center - Jaipur and Gwalior, Bundi and Indore
Left - Bikaner and Rewa, Kotah and Orchha

Right - Alwar and Dewas Senior, Tonk and Dewas Jr
Center - Jhalawar and Charkkhari, Kolhapur and Rajgarh
Left - Narsingharh

Film #2

This one was shot at floor level, right hand corner where the elephants turned from Khas road left, to go around the Jumma Masjid.

Right - The Imperial Cadet Corps
Center - The Aides-de-Camps Elephants
Left - Hyderabad and Mysore, Travancore and Kashmir

Right -Jaipur and Bundi, both on the right column
Center - Jaisalmer and Alwar, both on right column too
Left - Jhalawar and Charkkhari

Right - Kolhapur and Rajgarh
Center - Narsingharh
Left - Bahawalpur and Sikkim

Film #3 (and last)

Ths one was shot at floor level too, from the square in front of the Town Hall. Check the stands with authorites in front of the street (Chadni Chawk) and the decorative flags going from one side of the street to the other.

Right - Main Stand
Center - Cadets
Left - Aides

Right -Hyderabad and Mysore
Center - Datia
Left - Charkkahari and Rajgarh

Right - Narsingharh
Center - Jind
Left - Kapurthala

Right - Maler Kotla and Faridkot
Center - Janjira and Manipur
Left - Keng Tung and Mong Nai

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