Delhi Durbar 1903

Beau Geste sets from the Retainers Review

This is the original and only image that we had when we made the Alwar's Carriage. It's waiting outside the amphitheatre for the Retainers Review to begin.

Alwar's elephant car was an enormous affair, drawn by four huge animals


Set 62-63-64 - The Alwar's Carriage

From Rewah there came a carriage shaped like a pontoon, painted in gay colours and with a gilt roof. This was drawn by two elephants. Later on the glory of this was eclipsed by another carriage drawn by four elephants. This was double-storeyed, the superstructure representing an Eastern pavilion with the windows draped with brightly coloured curtains through which retainers salaamed.

Set 69-70-71 - Alwar's Throne


Set 72 - Jaipur Horsemen

...followed by sixty quaint foot soldiers in thick blue-grey quilted uniforms.

A group of warriors wore long slate-gray quilted coats, and quilted head-dresses bound with green as a protection from sword-cuts. Rather like dressing-gowns they seemed; but very formidable and inaccessible were these quilted people, with their shields of brass and spears of steel.

...retainers carrying palanquins and litters, resplendent with gold and silver...




Set 73 - Native followers, Orchha infantrymen

Set 85 - Palanquin of the maharaja of Jaisalmer,
with guards, chamberlain and servants

Set 86- Servants with ornamental parasols, Jaisalmer


Set 91- Kashmiri Giants, with Gertrude Bell



Set 92- Nawanagar state military band

Set 94- Horns and drums courtship


Set 106- Music band courtship

Fifty-two horsemen of Kishengarh were striking, especially four who rode upstanding

Set 113- Cutch spear-bearers

Set 121- Soldiers of the Maharaja of Sikkim

Elephant and Escort guards of Sikkim page

Set 143- Escort Guards for the Maharaja of Sikkim

Set 126- Rewa retainers scorting
(one of the dozen) silver state litter(s)



Set 88 - Patiala akali


Among the strange figures was an old dwarf from Nabha, a diminutive grey-beard, and two enormous giants from Kashmir. These men were said to be nearly eight feet high, and certainly with their turbans they looked every inch of this.


Set 93- 15th Ludhiana sikhs military band

Set 105- Kishangharh horsemen

Set 117- Cutch flag bearers

Set 118- Cutch music courtship

Set 159- Ladakhi Devil Dancers, Kashmir

while indescribable figures of the dancing musicians wearing masks of demoniac design were grotesquely harmonious with the towering figures of the two giants of the Raja of Cashmere

Set 174- Bikaner Camel Riders

Set 192- Palanquin of Jhodpur, with maharani

Set 211- Troops of the Sultan of Makala, Sehr & Mukalla

Set 212- Music Band from Makala, Sehr & Mukalla


t size="4">Set 218A- Akalis on pony from Patiala

t size="4">Set 218B- Akalis on pony from Jhind

Set 160- Ladakhi Monk Musicians, Kashmir

Bikanir brought quite a new departure in the shape of fifty camel-riders in chain armour, with lemon-yellow saddle-cloths trimmed with apple-green.


Set 184- Sikh Warriors from Jhind


Set 209- Ladies Band of the Nizam of Hyderabad

Set 216- Kashmir infantry

Set 217- Kashmir military band


Set 229- Silver horns band from Cutch


Set 249- Gwalior horsemen in uniforms from
Shiraji's times, with parasols

t size="4">Set 264- Silver horns courtship from Indore

t size="4">Set 315 - Music Courtship from Indore

The Indore Group page

t size="4">Set 290- Alwar escort guards

t size="4">Set 314 - Music Courtship from Alwar

The Alwar Group page


t size="4">Set 317 - Parasol and Emblem Carriers from Gwalior

t size="4">Set 318 - Escort Guards from Gwalior

t size="4">Set 319 - Music Escorts from Gwalior

t size="4">Set 328 - Gwalior Horsemen

The Gwalior Group page



t size="4">Set 265- Patiala Escort Guards

t size="4">Set 321 - Music Band from Patiala

The Patiala group page


t size="4">Set 291- Kashmir escort guards, group left

t size="4">Set 292- Kashmir escort guards, group right

t size="4">Set 316 - Music Courtship from Kashmir

The Kashmir Group page


Set 325 - Escort Guards from Travancore, Group A

Set 326 - Escort Guards from Travancore, Group B

Set 327 - Music Courtship from Travancore

The Travancore Group page

340 - Alwar Camel Riders,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

342 - Alwar Camel Band, Winds Line,
Delhi Durbar, 1903



t size="4">341 - Alwar Camel Band, Kettledrummer and Horns,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

341-342 - Whole Alwar Camel Band,
Delhi Durbar, 1903 (2 sets)

344 - Escort Guards from Faridkot,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

345 - Music Band from Faridkot,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

351 - Escort Guards from Kapurthala, group left,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

352 - Escort Guards from Kapurthala,
group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

353 - Music Band from Kapurthala,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

356 - Escort Guards from Bundi,
group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

357 - Escort Guards from Bundi,
group left, Delhi Durbar, 1903

358 - Music Band from Bundi,Delhi Durbar, 1903

362 - Escort Group from Bikaner,
Group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

363 - Escort Group from Bikaner,
Group left, Delhi Durbar, 1903

364 - Music Band from Bikaner,
Delhi Durbar, 1903


368 - Indore Military Band, Retainers Review,
Delhi Durbar, 1903


369 - Indore Infantry, Retainers Review,
Delhi Durbar, 1903

370 - Escort Guards from Kotah, group right,
Delhi Durbar, 1903


371 - Escort Guards from Kotah, group left,
Delhi Durbar, 1903


372 - Children's Band from Kotah,
Delhi Durbar, 1903